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What am I longing for?

“I am longing for you.

I am longing for my soulmate. The man I know you can be. My better half. Someone who will love me completely.

I am longing for you.

The man I met the man, The man who taught me how to be me.

I am longing for you. The man I need.”

His choice

As I look to see him there with her hanging from his sleeve. I knew what was to come to the mockery and jeers she had planned. I wish time would have changed me and my mind. That I was not like a child waiting for an acknowledgment. That Marcello was not the very reason I felt alive. From the moment I turned to face him, it was evident I am flustered for more reasons than one.

With a gesture of his hand the maid sculleries to her retreat. “What brings you here Sinclair?” Confusion set on my face as I looked to him. He remembered why I am here? That I am brought here as per his request. “I came for the triennial meets.” with a sigh I continued, ” I have brought the documents you have requested.” He was sure to recall that one fact if any. I gestured to the files I still held.

Marcello looked quite blank before it completely resonated that I had said something. He made no move to accept the files offered. So I took this as a sign to put them down and leave. Placed on the table I turned to walk away. This was turning out to be more of a challenge with her around. There was a less likely chance of approval for any withdrawal of shares.

“Sinclair I need you to stay here until my return. There are indiscretions we need to discuss. Changes made that I am not privy to.” He looked at me with disapproval. Before moving to collect his and her belonging. I had to admit it sounded a lot like I was in trouble.

“Well… well Adel still head over heels I see. How is he going to take it when he finds out teacher’s pet was up to no good… There used to be a time when I would think what was it you had that I don’t? Now I no longer wonder because I know I have the one thing you want.” Melissa had a devilish grin as she looked at me. “For what it is worth I hope it was worth it.”

I have seen evil.

Melissa paused as she turned to me to ask with a serious expression. “When do you plan to tell him all the things you have done to get a small piece of him? I dear say Karma is a Bitch. Yes, you just met her.”

Seated in the parlor I waited for his return. “Miss Sinclair.” I jerked awake violently. Holding my head which throbbed from the uncomfortable position in which I laid. Turning around to realize I had fallen asleep seated.

“Miss Sinclair. Breakfast is ready.” The maid shook me. No.. No.. Here I was back again on his plush parlor coach asleep awaiting his return. Twenty all over again. A puppet on a string. It seemed no matter how far away I was there was still a part of me which longed to be his.

Longing solely for him. I walked in the dining room to find him seated at the head of the table buried behind his paper. Filled with wonder as to why he did not notify me upon his return.  When did he return?

The Ultimatium

” Sinclair. Good to see you are awake.” Marcello grumbled. ” Now that you are awake I can address my concerns.” I looked to him in wonder what were his concerns. “My first concern is the size of my investment portfolio I am looking to expand. I have received word that you are looking to withdraw your investment.”

I should have expected his omnipotence when it came to his business dealings. He must have heard of my intentions from the moment I queried. I looked up to find him seated with a serious pose. ” Yes. It is the reason I am here. I have come seeking approval for investment withdrawal.”

Marciello looked me over before answering, “No.” Then setting his attention to the food before him. I waited a minute longer than that which was necessary to register his answer. No.. Why would he answer no. ” I do assume you intend to stay in Boston for some time.”

Still confused over his answer I nodded my agreement. “There is no need. I have scheduled a flight back to California and a stock of files I need you to assess. For now, eat, my chauffeur will take you directly to the airport.”

I was terrified of what was next to come.

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