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A message to your heart my Cacique: I had long since given up the aspiration to have a place to call home. Until I got to know you for the man you are. Not a mirage of what you are. I had long since given up the dream of a home filled with love, passion, grace, and solitude. I have long since given up on love, ambitions, equality and a family to call my own until I met you.

Since meeting you I have yearned for more than my selfish needs. I have yearned to be by your side protected, guided and wanted.

Though I am lost on the journey we take. I will follow you wherever you lead. Into the unknown and beyond. I believe I love you, I know I trust you and above all, I want to be with you. I have grown to appreciate you and to need you as much as the breath I take…

In the valley between us, under the moonlight, as I walk towards you. Drawn to where I want to be? Where I belong? Where I feel safe? I want you to know what you mean to me.

So I will send this message straight to the heart of the Cacique. For the truth is Lord Vihaan Malik I love you. And I want to be your Anoka Queen. So show me how to love you the way you need to be. Give me the chance to understand you and the pain you feel. I love you and this is where I need to be.

So, send the directions to the Heart of the Cacique.

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