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Anything for his love

Being the Other woman; I see you with him on his arm. See you with him from afar. Laughing, smiling, seated as you are. I know he chose you over me. Knowing he chose you because I told him to. But when I see you with him on his arm. I can’t help but wonder from afar. Could I have made him happy the way you do?

Should I have given us a chance to see what’s new? Did I miss out on something great? A chance of a lifetime to be his soulmate. Why didn’t we try for more? Why didn’t we try to see what’s in store?

As I sit here wondering what could be? And what we are? A friend he says that’s what we are. Know that I know him more than you do. I know his every need, his every move. But why didn’t he choose me? Why did he choose you? I guess I may not have known him as well as I thought I do. For with you he shows a different part. A whole different man. One of a better heart. I see him smile with you in a way with me he never does.

As what I am to him becomes very plain. Unrequited is how my love will remain. I can not be the other woman any longer. As seeing him with you only makes my love grows stronger. As I watch and wait for a chance. Hoping and waiting for him to come to me from a glance. I know he loves me yes I do. I know he loves me but not in the ways he loves you. Not in the ways I need him to. As I write to you with tears streaming from my eyes. I want you to know how I hope that your intentions are real.

As I have loved him so long, without him I am at a loss of what to do. But I will give up the man I love for he only longs for you. So now I will give him so he can be with you.

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