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Here is to the Adventures worth a Lifetime. Sometimes we find that a con is just that a con. Often times much consideration is not placed on the scheme until it backfires. Leaving a bitter taste in your mouth and a long list of people wanting an explanation. Something that nine times out of ten even you can’t offer it to them. For the moment you uttered the first lie you didn’t expect it to travel as fast and as far as the wind would take it. The small problem was now bigger, closing in around you.

Now it seemed the once good news was now the very bad news. This was no different for Riya Khatri, a little lie was now the source of her despair. Had she known she would have thought twice about uttering the words which cemented her doom. “I am engaged to Mr. Beddingfield.” In her defense, she was a child, thought no harm would come from it only good. She would be at home with her father, still practicing the fine art of Business. Not here in front of the man who was once a fragment of her imagination. Answering to the lies she spun years before to get out of an engagement to another.

Leaving you to wonder if this adventure really is worth a Lifetime? How long is a lifetime of adventure?

What thought to have been a con has turned to be obligations. Join her on her journey as she fights for her freedom to not marry a complete stranger. And Beddingfield on his journey to have the one thing he covets her.

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