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I am so excited to share with you my valued viewers’ insight into one of the novels I have been working tirelessly on. A must share that this will be in two parts. I hope you enjoy and are as excited about it as I am.

I’d never intended to come this far for you. Lead by my foolish heart I had to. But when the words left your mouth I knew. I was left lost in a world without you.

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The morning after you made your decision

Lady Reign looked out the window of her family’s townhome. The view was one she would later have to ponder. What she was seeing before her had nothing to do with what was actually happening outside. Sure she saw the droplets of the rain as they raced down the glass to the window’s pane. She was even aware of the vessels arriving at the dock. And the horse-driven voitures below as they made their appearances. Riding to destinations of the passengers they brought.

Even with an impending storm, it was not enough to stop the town from buzzing with activity. It is, for this reason, she preferred the country. For it offered the tranquility and solitude she sought at a moment like this. What she would give for some quiet to collect her thoughts and access her position?

For what happened last evening was enough to spin the ton on its head. Her assumed betrothed, Vin… Lord Radcliffe has chosen to part take in the matrimonial market. Without so much as a word on why he has decided to choose a woman other than Lady Louise.

Reign was not the least bothered by him choosing a bride. He had every right to do so. She was, in turn, happy he has chosen to. To be quite honest she was not sure how she should feel. Losing her closest friend to marriage. At the same time, her other companions seem to be otherwise engaged. With good reason of course; so she could not fault them for neglecting her.

Too Late to admit defeat

Reign sighed as she lost herself in a world only she had access to.

“Lady Louise fret not my dear there are plenty more to be had. To partake in of course. With myself and the Count sponsoring you into this season you are bound to be the catch of the season.” The Dowager paused over her beverage to take a sip. Only to resume. “ Lord Radcliffe as not made any mention of why he has not sought after you, we can use his silence to our advantage. Until he has addressed it we can try our luck in the ballroom.”

“ We can host an event and invite everyone to the countryside for a reprise. Oh, Reign I have been longing to go home I am so happy you have given me a reason to.” Her sister in law the young duchess jumped to her feet as she hurried to make the necessary arrangements.

“ Now Reign does not look so gloomy it will be alright you will see. He may not want you but you are sure to find someone who will.” Her aunt insisted.

“ Aunt, we were not courting. He was my closest companion.” Reign tried to stop the madness taking place around her. Reign’s statement met with an imposing glare. From beyond the spectacles perched on her aunt’s nose. She moved the spectacle to produce an irritating wince about her face.

“ I do not know of a man and a woman being friends. But I do know was that he held you back for years. Preventing you from attracting a respectable match. He should consider himself lucky I have not called him out at the crack of dawn. To answer to the humiliation he has caused you.” The aged woman of a plump physique as she has often described herself. Reached for the cherry filled scone. “I will have my answer before the end of the season as well as your married off…”

A faith worse than death

It was no use inputting that she wasn’t held back. Neither did she care who he marries. As long as he gets married to secure an heir and his precious legacy. Reign had no wish to get leg-shackled herself. The years she had spent in Lord Radcliffe’s shadow had served its purpose. Saving her from her Aunt’s matchmaking antics. Though she means well, she was too set in her ways. to understand that a woman can do a lot more than warm a man’s bed and manage his household.

It was no use refuting anything she said. Reign had to survive throughout the season and hope that no one took a likeness to her. Then she was sure by the end of it when her aunt as failed she was sure to have her way.

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