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Another stowaway

Eleanor Cotswold leaned low towards the reeking man before her. He grinned at her with hooded lids from too much drinking. With his filthy hand he reached out to clutch her arm, she moved her body in the opposite direction to avoid him. In a deep cut dress, her bosom was threatening to spill at any sudden movement. Raising a hand to her chest, she checked that her bosom did not fall out of place.

Eleanor slid off the bar counter to the floor as she moved towards the stage. The drunken man falls to the floor in his attempt to follow her like a lovesick puppy. With all the distraction in her life gone, she was not sure where to turn next. Except to the one thing she hasn’t done yet entice a man, sexual pleasures with a man. Lord knows she would have gone ahead to ask for the help of Dean, Emilia’s brother. In that aspect but with his twin nieces and nephew to keep him occupied. Many business journeys aboard she hadn’t seen him in a long while.

Emilia was busy catering to the Baron to have time for her. Elizabeth was busy playing pirate as she bullies her way through life at sea. The spinsterhood once filled with promises and friendship. Was now empty with her lost and clueless of what direction to take. She needed something to pique her interest, she was lonely and alone.

Joining the ladies on the stage who signaled for her to join in their dance. Men in the club gathering to see the dance, she dipped and swayed to the rhythm. Leaning over rocking her shoulders with the ladies. Who one by one rip the dress from their person to give a man of their choosing a one on one dance. This was definitely something he has never done.

Her Wanton Quest

Eleanor moved as seductive as the ladies were doing around her. She had practiced for hours on end to get this routine. Now, clad in her flimsy negligee she approached him, her unassuming target. He was handsome. Broad shouldered muscular, long fingers which curled around the glass in his hand. His attire fitted to his frame it clung to him. Flexing his wrists he moved them as he straightens his shirt beneath his coat.

Eleanor saw a smirk on his lips as he turned to find her there. His entire face turned pale as he overcame with horror. He was brooding and handsome. He was handsome and she liked him very much. Taking the man in the direction of the seat prepared he had followed her lead with the drink in hand.

Starting the sequence he sat there and watch her bringing the beverage to his lips. Eleanor blushed under his scrutiny, she was never assessed this way before. Leaning over she reached down into his lap. Downing his drink in one swing, he allowed her to. Coming around him she moved to sit onto his lap. Legs open between his own as she brought his hand down to grope her. This served to protect her nakedness from the onlookers. So Eleanor chose not to dwell on the feel of him. Slanting her head over his shoulder. Indulged in the feel of him.

Something New

He made no move to touch her. What a gentleman? Intertwined with her own she brought his hand up to caress her curves. From the sink of her waist the fullness of her bare swells beneath the fabric. When she opened her eyes she was sure his filled with lust. With her legs to a close between his legs, she slides down his erect shaft to a stoop. Twisting and flashing her blond hair about, with her arms resting on his legs for support. He leaned forward, his face in her hair as he smelled. For what felt like time stopped Eleanor held her breath as he awoke a part of her.

She had not planned this, she was to do the enticing and not be the one seduced. With a nervous breath, she got on all fours like the rest of women, to mimic the walk of the cat before stopping before him. Spreading her legs she rocked hips before leaning onto the floor rocking at an urgent pace. Her ample behind was easier to move than she thought. The longer she spent under his watchful eyes, her nervous heart starts to quiet. Why was she not horrified at this strong man having his way with her? Why does he excite not frighten her?

Rolling onto her back, she watched him stare at her with a raised brow slouched over as he looked down at her. She arched her back running one hand up her body to grip her soft swells. Biting her lips, using the other hand to ruffle her hair about her face. She looked at him then. She felt every bit a wanton woman.

Not only was she on display before him she was completely naked underneath the garment. She had never been more proud to be at this moment. He assessed in approval of her choice to trim the coils there. They all went legs in the air and wide as they shake their thighs, their sex on display. Closing her running one against the other. Twisting and turning them in sync with the others. She was not sure what to do next as each woman had ventured off into doing her own thing. Looking to him she gestured for her to come to him. Twisting her legs she got up and strode to his as alluring as possible.

The unexpected

She leaned over him, her bosom dangled before him. With one knee between her parted thighs. He pulled her roughly onto his leg, he was strong, muscular, with a strong woody scent about him. He leaned her back as he rained featherlike kisses up to her face. Forcing her to press against him. Draped against his side with her hair about her face.

Eleanor moves to lay across his thighs finger in her mouth for a beautiful finish. Looked every bit wanton as she felt, he left a smack to her derriere as the music ended. Removing herself from his person she curtsied as the crowd of men roared their approval. She would have been a fool to risk looking back.

Stopping to collect her ripped dress she moved to join the ladies in the back to change her day gown. Settling into the confines of proper clothing once more. With her corset, chemise, and pantaloons secured, removing all evidence of the evening. She set to fixing her hair, securing the once hidden brunette curls in place.

An Old friend

One glimpse in the mirror she moved to sneak out through the servant entrance. The voiture she hired would be waiting for her five blocks away. She slipped out the back entryway, down the alley passed the man she had danced with. She didn’t look in his direction at all, she could not risk exposure, she would not live through it.

The man flicked the cigar and stepped out to block her path. Every inch of her body chilled.

“Is that how you greet a long lost friend?” the stranger grinned, “I’ve gone so long you don’t remember me?”

“Friend… Dean?” When he bared his teeth it was her turn to pale. Did she just do… with him?!

I do not own copyright to images however depiction of time and friendship shown accurately.

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