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Ever spent the better part of an evening sitting in front of the computer. Ready to read a list of books that you have saved for this moment. This time that you have reserved for yourself. Only to have the moment ruin by terrible story-lines. Repetitive plots. Errors in what should have been a polished book. Let us not mention the fact of the terrible endings. Trust me I understand your pain this is why I am venting these are the five things that I hate when reading a novel.

The change in the storyline after you buy the book 

The beginning of the book which is usually 3 to 4 chapters, is there to entice you. Pulls you in… making you want more? Making you want to know the ending of this particular book. Now you are willing to buy the book. To find out how the book ends. Then when you do chance it and buy this book to find out whether the book ends as good as it is leading on to be. You realize after purchasing the book that it is NOTHING compared to what it was leading on to be. 

Whatever chemistry that was between the two characters is no longer there. It is as if the best chapters of the book were those which left in place to trick you into spending money. The rest thought of after the fact. The fact that they promised an ending, one was given to fulfill the promise. No passion No intrigue No direction. A piece generated for money. Gone is the chemistry. Gone is the consistency. Now it becomes another bad underdeveloped story. I want my money’s worth what I paid for. 

Similiar storylines

You know in music the new male artists in R&B. When they start off, they start off with a particular type of sound. Like a list of songs which resonate best with the crowd. You will notice that Trey Songz he came out with can’t help but wait. August Alsina came out with you deserve better. Mario let me love you. In the romance novel genre, there is this similar concoction that is going around.

Where new and other rather experienced authors are writing the same types of books. When you read a book, then another you find the same storyline with different names. It is disappointing to find 15 books that are the same. Now, I know they say that great minds think alike. But for all those mines to be thinking the same way that sounds to me like plagiarism. I want something new, a fresh idea to read. Not another fanfiction.

Grammatical and spelling errors 

I do understand that as authors or aspiring authors some of us do make mistakes when starting out. This, in my opinion, is forgivable. To publish a book with these mistakes is unforgivable. I do not want to read a book and at the same time, I have to try and figure out what a word is. Or what is happening in a particular scene. This messes up the whole direction in which this book should be taking me. Making me lose interest in the book. I love romance. I love a good read.

The truth, no one not even myself is above mistakes. We need to ensure that there is someone who is more knowledgeable about these mistakes. To assist us in making sure these mistakes do not get out. Especially on something as important as our first published book. I encourage authors out there hire someone. Whether it is a professional or one of your family members. Who are an avid reader and a lover of pointing out mistakes? Grammar and spelling, of course, to beta-read your novel. So you can make the necessary corrections.

Errors in the timeline in the books.

 Now, I have gotten far enough into this book. Looking past all these discrepancies to meet the one which pains me the most. Errors in the timeline. No, if you do not know what this means, allow me to inform you. Errors in the timeline are where an author introduces an object or an item. Into a time where it could not have existed. Unless the book is written with the idea.

That the protagonist will be traveling between space and time to get to another era. Then this no longer is an error but now accepted. An author is allowed to do so. When it becomes an issue is when said author interjects that the Duke of Cambridgeshire has a BMW i8. Mind you if such a man exists he does own a BMW in 2019 but not in the 18th century. As it wasn’t around until 1916, The same said for an interjected theory. If they are not true to their timeline in which it was discovered they are errors.

 This can also be said for the norms and principles of the period. I will give an example, Dean hugs Eleanor and swirls her around in a warm embrace upon seeing her. To most this is not an issue but an avid historical romance reader would not be happy with this. For the singular fact that they should not and would not engage in such activities in this period. As propriety dictates intimate touching could ruin a Lady’s reputation. Especially an unchaperoned one at that. Most people do not mind these errors as they do not check to facts which is fine. At times I am too lazy to. I want to see how it ends.

The end (both good and bad)

 All things come to an end. Whether it is a good or bad one. It still ends. Some authors do not get that it should end and not go on into twenty different books. I want to know they married and have children. Overcoming the issues which separated them in the first place. What happens in the sanctity of their marital home is none of my business. To be quite frank I do not care. I am here for the romance. I am used to short books why I find the five books for one story pushing it. If I have to sit through 100 Chapters for a book, I must have liked it and want to see it END. Not leading off into ANOTHER BOOK. I am not saying this makes your book bad or boring. For me, it becomes a drag.

Ok, take a page out of JK Rowling’s handbook she had a lot of books about Harry Potter. Now of which was the same tale. He did something different every time he had obstacles to overcome. Enemies to face, people to save, it was something new every time. It keeps you hooked wanting more. It is not all bad when it comes to the ending I don’t like when a good book has to end as well. Some books do leave me feeling like I want more. Especially when the ending did not seem thought through. There to complete it so the author can move on. 

I guess what I am saying I writing is had and as readers who pay we expect a lot. If you are not writing with passion. Researching to perfect and above all making sure you capture our attention. Then writing is not for you. If you want to become that author respected and a best seller take what I say and improve where needed. We are sure to look out for your novels provided you have improved. 

With Love Aeisha Curtis

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  1. I can definitely relate to this post! I agree sometimes spelling mistakes can be annoying! However nothing would annoy me more than a change in storyline after the first couple of chapters!

  2. Valid points all around. I hate when a book sounds so great and 3 chapters into it, nothing has developed yet.

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