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I have written this poem Just for you my unrequited love that still stands true.

Just for you the man of my dreams,

I have waited for a long time so it seemed.

Watching and waiting,

For you to see me.

You sit so near and stare,

Into the depths of my soul to find the secrets I hold there.

What you say your actions don’t indicate,

For the love, I feel for you.

You are yet to reciprocate.

Won’t you come to me?

Won’t you speak your mind?

As I wait some more it feels like a very long time.

Choose me now.

I can’t take,

Another antagonizing moment of this long wait.

Say you love me just one time,

Confess your love for the very first time.

My Unrequited Love – Eleanor

Often times our inhibitions stop us from seeing what was there all along the love waiting in the shadows often times overlooked.

5 Replies to “My Unrequited Love Remains the Same”

  1. Nice play of words. I can feel the emotions behind it. Would be awesome if you can explain your own thoughts after it though.

  2. Oh, honey, be careful what you wish for. When I was your age, I also had long thick luscious hair and I thought the world was my oyster. If only some man loved me, life would be complete. Well, a couple of kids later, it is complete. It’s complete with extensions weaved into my thinning hair. Instead of thinking about unrequited love, I can’t stop thinking about that snippy email from Muffy, our entitled PTA president. I mean, even her name is pretentious, right? When my husband travels for work, I’m cozying up at night with Netflix and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. So, yeah, not much different from when I was single. Your writing is really good. While you’re waiting, make sure you stash all that blog money away in a secret account on the Cayman Islands and make HIM sign a pre-nup. You’re beautiful and your prose is perfect. Your future kids will be adorable and you’ll be just fine.

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