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Let us have this talk before you go. For ten long lifetimes, I waited to know. I waited for you to notice me. Chasing behind you trying to prove my worth to you. I knew I was not good enough. That I would not be able to step in her shoe. She was beautiful, charming and accomplished the only real woman you knew. I confess I tried to fill her shoes. I confess I made a mistake now am the fool.

What were you expecting me to do? I wanted to be her, beautiful, witty and charming. There wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you. You wouldn’t have me, you wouldn’t let me prove my love to you.

Do you know how it felt when you rejected me?

What made you see me but still look right through? Is it me? Am I lacking or is it you?

They say I am too old to be chasing dreams. Chasing after you for a long time so it seemed. I loved too much, I loved too deep. I fell in love with a man I could not keep.

Now, you want to be distant because you are afraid of what we did. Determined to forget, to be us a chance you wouldn’t give.

I wished a thousand times you would let me in. Please, give a second chance this time to win. I have been the one you would call. Your trusted friend the only one who knew. I may not be her, but I am the one who loves you. The only one you could express yourself to.

No regrets

Neither do I wish to change it. I am happy it happen. To see what could be even the change it brought to you and me.

I know how you are, I know how you feel. I know your greatest fear, your deepest dream. The reason you do not want to know, why you refuse to let me go.

Tell me here, Speak your mind. Lord Radcliffe, I have waited for this for a very long time. Say you love me and only me. Tell me you love me so I know this is real. That the emotions surging through me that I am not the only one who feels.

Show me you want me and only me. Not the woman who walks your every dream. I need you to know the things I do and to know that which is true. I need you to know Vincent I love you.

The same way I have for many years, the ways my heart pounds when you hold me near. I promise I won’t change that I will remain the same. The girl who loved you the one who you often called to.

These are the five things I want you to know. The five reasons I am willing to let you go.

  • I loved you from the moment I met you. From the moment I was introduced to you.
  • I cared in the many ways I wished you knew. You have always been more than a friend to me.
  • I long for you. I wish you would see me beyond being just a sister to you.
  • Your title and wealth do not matter to me, for I know the man you really are and that is the whole intrigue.
  • I support you in everything you do, through your ups, through the downs and the many sides of you.

Now, you have chosen another over me. Always a good investor, there wasn’t an investment you wouldn’t choose. You deserve the best and you have every right to choose.

Ps. These are all dictations of Lady Reign from His Deception: How he got the woman he loved. Placed here to have a better understanding of how she feels. These are in no way my personal thoughts or feelings.

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  1. Interesting approach on feelings and dealing with them. I was definitely not expecting it when I entered your blog, but your style is really intriguing. I like it, keep it up!

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