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There is something about lingerie that makes a woman feel sexy. You have to admit once you put on that lacy material. You feel like a woman who feels wanted, exposed and above all, SEXY. I have been a lover of lingerie since I could remember. But what gives the ultimate pleasure is to see a woman smile. That boost in self-confidence which shines from your eyes.

I find that this pleasure can extend throughout the workplace. Of course, I do not expect you to prance around naked. Either do I expect to wear the ones which will become uncomfortable after a period of time. I am encouraging you to wear parts which are comfortable. Giving you confidence and sex appeal.

Corsets and Bustiers

Beautiful elegant undergarments, whose sole purpose is to shape and train the waistline. Pieces made of polyester I do find them to be more comfortable than the lace alternative to which I am allergic. The spandex substitute tends to be too tight and gives a suffocating feel. I recommend purchasing a size smaller than you are but no farther. What better way to wear these than pair them with stockings.

Not a fan? Here is my favorite alternatives.

Garters and Garter Belt

Comfort and elegance. These waist high alternatives are a good choice. Allowing you the freedom to move. Avoiding the stiffness boned corsets cause. These beautiful delicate pieces crafted like a mini skirt. With clasps to hold thigh highs in place. There is something about these that leave me feeling sexy.

Stockings and Hosiery

How is lingerie considered complete without this accessory stockings? Whether they come in patterns, with holes or plain stockings. Do not underestimate the appeal it brings to the table.

Bodysuit and Teddies

This element of surprise is a well-versed item in the bedroom. You will not believe how handy it becomes when it’s time for play. After all what all work and no play makes Jill…

I was always one to love the more promiscuous side of things. As I am an adventurer at heart. There isn’t a fashion statement I would not try. This is no different. If you are a lover of a one-piece bathing suit this is a walk in the park. Wearing this will make you feel sexy, beautiful and above all, you wouldn’t even notice. No discomfort PERIOD.

The Good Old Fashioned Bra and Panty Sets

For conservative thinking. We understand not all can take the risk and not all think it is worth it. If you find this to be your style fine by me. I love them all. When you leave this post, I hope you are thinking. Who says I cannot have fun with what I wear? That I can not express my feminity in the workplace? Or that I can not feel sexy, comfortable, confident and elegant in my officewear? Why should I limit the undergarments I cherish to the bedroom? When I can wear them where I want? How I want?

HEELS and Booties (Another point)

Do not misquote me I am not saying these are under the category of lingerie. Yet, you can relate when I say what is a lingerie set without the sexiest footwear to pull them off? With these on in the office, no one will ever know how sexy you are underneath. Neither will they know what caused the boost in your self-confidence. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO EXPRESS YOURSELF. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO FEEL SEXY OR TO LOVE YOU.

There is no need to worry if you will get caught. You can not get fired for working in your better undergarments. PLUS, I WON’T TELL IF YOU DON’T.

Yours Sincerely,