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Tailored Suits

If you simply are just the type of lady who prefers the simplicity of suits and which not to alter the style in any way this might not be the post for you. You can, however, check out my previous post, it might be to your liking. For those interested in this and more style suggestion.

grey skirt suit
Everything a professional woman needs
red pant suit

I will encourage you to apply for Prime Wardrobe so you are able to try on what you like, only pay for what you want and easy returns of what you do not want. This is a very convenient way for young professionals like myself to get quality products and at a good price.


Whether one is lounging about, doing some yoga or simply dressed for business. Women’s pants are an elegant, comfortable selection any woman can pull off. Some of us simply prefer to wear them to dresses and skirts.

Dress pants for women

The unmatched elegance of trousers and heels, a match made in Beurey Heaven.

grey women trousers

Skirts and Pencil Skirt

Skirt for every occasion work, cocktail party, business luncheon or meeting. An all rounded article of clothing which is timelessly elegant.

Pencil skirt
black skirt

Blouse and Camisoles

Create your own suit days, for budget-friendly wears days. Be your most creative self and save on the cost of purchasing tailored suits. Already have suits these will come in handy when creating new styles.

White Camisole

Blazers, Jackets or Cardigans

The perfect addition to cover up your blouse while still appearing professionally dressed. For those self-styled mixed matched suit creation days which leave you looking fabulous.

Blazers Jackets and Cardigans


Every business woman needs a double-breasted coat, not only to break the cold winds ahead. It is also a business fashion must have, whether one wears it draped over her shoulders or arms through sleeves. you have to admit there is something quite mystifying about a woman in a double-breasted coat.

Double breasted Coat

Let us not forget the professions which require a coat for work.

Chef's Jacket

HandBag/ Ladycase

What better way you have in mind to carry your important contracts, well now that we have the internet at our fingertips. Hard copies have become redundant, never the less like a woman, we all know the convenience a handbag provides in our times of need. Mine for example currently houses my deadly sins, a stick of lipstick, emergency makeup kit, portable charger, organizer, laptop (not currently in the bag), a list of my long term goals sown in for motivation and my cellphone.

Lady briefcase
Kenneth Cole handbag
For those business luncheons


I love a good work dress, one of my must-haves in my closet for my businesswear selections. There is just certain security and appeal that a work dress gives that I am just so fond of. I remember what made me want to venture off into designing businesswear, the sheer elegance of a woman in a dress for work.

office wear
Business dress

Evening Wear

At times on our journey to success we find that after work we still have to work, often times this result is networking. It is no use showing up at a formal dress event in your suit or work dress. Now unless it converts to a beautiful dress fit for the event.

everything a young professional needs
Cocktail dress
Blue formal evening wear
Formal dress
Formal gown
One to make a statement this is probably more your style


As a fellow professional woman, this is my favorite article to wear, there is just something devilishly sexy about wearing heels. Leaving me feeling confident and comfortable in my skin, don’t you? I don’t know about you but confidence in business is a much-desired match. I cannot see myself purchasing something from a person who isn’t confident about what they are selling.

Black Work Heels


Fun as it is to wear heels, there will come those days when you will be on your feet too long to even consider wanting to wear beautiful objects. Now, that is where flats come in handy planning a long day on your feet they should be your go too. Decided to wear heels then have to change to flats, don’t worry secret safe with me. I believe we have all been there at one point or another.

Black work flats

Comfortable underwear

Now, this is something I guess most ignore, now for me this means a big cotton white panty. Since I am targetting of a more modern nature I would say comfortable thongs or girl shorts. Whatever floats your boat so to speak. I believe that if you are not comfortable in what you have on do not expect your day to go remotely as well as you expected. I cannot speak for you but a wedgy and a skin cutting tight bra sets me on edge.

More my style

This does not have to be your best underwear just the most comfortable one you own.

Comfortable underwear
This is probably for you

These are all photographic examples of what you can find on Amazon to help prepare for your journey to becoming a success. To be a success you have to dress like you mean business, these are a few of my recommendations for you.

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