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Every time you pick up a novel it gives you a picture of the person the author had in mind. Usually an exquisite woman and a rather muscular man. *Wink Wink*. Well, for my masterpiece I have chosen Jason Momoa. Yes, Aquaman Yes! Your beloved Khal Dogo! Well, I will tell you the reasons Jason Momoa would make the Perfect Cacique for my novel.

His physique

Well, what girl would not swoon over such a muscular, beautiful being? You do not believe me see for yourself. Credits to DC Comics, not my image. How can one not imagine him in a suit, legs apart firmly rooted on the floor? Hands in his pockets, jaw tensed, teeth clinched obviously irritated from being talked to.

Jason Momoa Aquaman

Now, tell me that is not a beautiful form.

I would say physique 10/10 for the win.

His Tattoos

Well, I know they aren’t real but you have to admit it gives him quite a dark and mysterious presence. Becoming the perfect antagonist for a novel, a handsome muscular being. That we all love to imagine when reading a book. No matter if they are real or fake he has me swooned right away. Ready to kiss him on his tattoos then again that might just be why he makes the perfect Cacique. Causing you to fall in love without having to do a thing, typical Lord Malik.

His long hair

I know women would prefer a bald if not neatly trimmed look. The Cacique of my novel is often seen wearing his hair long and most of the time in his face. The fact that he grows his it is quite the bonus, he looked raggedy, endearing and dominant in every way.

His Aura

To be honest, when I first saw him it quite took aback me. Until he spoke, leaving me to feel cheated. He had this darkness which emits from him. Ideally did not suit a Prince Charming tone he spoke with. Obviously, I thought there would be more of a base in his voice so to speak. Not many could pull off the kind of man Lord Malik is. A man of questionable past, who constantly fights the demons which lurk there. It quite surprised me to find someone who fits his description. Physical appearance, the same dark and dangerous appeal Momoa portrayed the Cacique to a tee. Minus the voice, well provided he does not say much like the Cacique.

His Lineage

Momoa may not be Indian and French like the Cacique. One has to admit he is after all part European (German) and Hawaiian (Polynesian). That is as close has it needs to get.

His Sidekick

Momoa has a sidekick a Mera in Aquaman a beautiful red-haired maiden called Amber. Quite ironic not only by the color of her hair. Rather by the fact that Momoa like the Cacique has a red-haired beauty by their side. Tell me that it is a coincidence I think not.

His Smile

I love the way when he smiles you feel a bit terrified before unwittingly smiling yourself. That is the effect I picture the Cacique having, that same threatening smile.

His Poise

I cannot express how much I love this about him. When I saw this picture I was jumping out of my seat. That is him I said that is the Cacique the man in my book.

Jason Momoa

His Presence

I love the way he blends with the shadows in the very mysterious ways the Cacique of my novel would. There watching, analyzing and waiting to strike. A man consumed by his dark nature, past and his need to not succumb to his impending doom.

When you read To the Heart of the Cacique, tell me I am wrong that this is not the Cacique.

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