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When I first heard this phrase in high school, I thought what does that mean for me? Little did I know that it would take me eight years to figure out. What it means as an adult?

On this journey to becoming a success I now realize the significance of this statement and what it means.

Success is a Journey, not a Destination

Traveling on this road to achieving my dreams, completing my daily to-do list. Staying at it when it comes to blogging making sure to never give up. I think of this statement when I feel down on my luck and frustrated. With not reaching my destination of success so to speak. Once I realize that my success is not about arriving at a destination. I am more willing to accept the journey I am on.

Realizing that in order for me to achieve my dreams and accept the journey I am on. I need to be able to highlight the points of achievement on my journey to success. I know how frustrating it can be when blogging for months. With little to no reward to show that can be very discouraging. I have been blogging since Feb, 27. I have to admit on my journey to becoming a full-time blogger I made a mistake which most bloggers make. Happy I learned fast and made the change which was needed.

By my second month of blogging and weeks of learning the basics of blog and affiliate marketing on my blog. I only have earned $4.31 and the influx of traffic.


Stats from site before the move to siteground.
Stats from new host after migration.

I am afraid this is not motivation enough for me to consider sticking to blogging full time. Instead, it has caused me to feel the need to rush and put my books out. However mediocre they may be. I had to take a step back at the thought. Close my ears and eyes to the success of others and focus on myself. I am ready for my novel which I have been nursing so close to my heart. To see the light of day only to be dragged in the mud? No, I am not. I could not stand being told it is mediocre knowing my need for success drove me here.

Calmly I resited what I wanted to achieve from blogging and what drove me to blog in the first place? I love to write I want to become an author a best seller at that. However, momentarily it may last on Kindle. I want to earn by bragging rights, open a boutique. At the end of it, all look-back and say ‘WOW I have achieved all this on my own. Without my family having to lift a finger to help me.’

With that in mind I took a step back. Assessed my situation and created a List of my milestones to success.

Milestones on my Journey to Success

  • Consecutively post every week on the same days Mondays and Fridays
  • To remain positive
  • Do a motivational speech to me in the mirror, about how I will succeed at my daily tasks
  • Erase all negative thoughts of failure from my mind.
  • Explore new ways to improve me, my writing and my website’s exposure
  • Do research on understanding the writing world of a blogger and an author
  • Complete a business plan for any future venture I would like to take on.
  • Create a business plan and proposal. Of where I want my blog to take me and how I plan on getting there.
  • Network, Network, and Network some more. Connect with similar interests as mine.
  • Be more sociable
  • Not afraid of taking risks

I hope to follow my list to success and achieve happiness. I hope from what I have written that you too can understand that no matter what happens on your journey. Though it may be different from mine that you will stay at it and see it through. For success is a journey not a destination. The sooner we accept the smallest rewards of this journey. The more likely we are to reach the bigger rewards providing you stay at it.

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