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Books I have read and loved

Charmer Beguilded by J.D. Ruiz

Romance Books I have Read and Loved
Copyright of J.D.Ruiz

“Are you suggesting I find her a husband?”


Nearly a spinster at twenty-eight, Lady Victoria Ashdown will do anything to defeat her conniving stepmother, even if it means finding herself a husband against the young, beautiful and talented women of Wickhurst. She would do what it takes with the help of her Everard friends, including Levi Everard himself. HE WAS ONCE A CHARMER… Levi Everard hid in his Standbury estate for three years for reasons he only knows. Now, he is back in town, no longer the charmer, but the man forced to find Victoria Ashdown a husband, for “friendship’s sake”, of course. GOOD FRIENDS… They thought they are until their first kiss.

Still set in the fictional place of the Town, this second story of the Everard Family Series will follow the developing love of two people so utterly different. With friendship, family, and love at stake, the town of Wickhurst is once more engulfed in a scandal.

Three things I Love about this Book.

I will try to tell the things I admired about this book which caused me to reread it multiple times. My go-to novel for a painful heartbreak.

  • The Bestfriend Love Affair dynamic

I love a good book about best friends falling in love there is just something about the dynamic that has me falling in love too. I am here all day for this, something about best friends in love that gets the blood flowing.

  • The Heartbreak

The rejection in this book is the real reason I keep going back. I won’t read and tell. All I will say is once you read this book you are sure to come back the same way I have when in need of a good heartbreak.

  • The Family

The family Haverston’s were the icing on the cake so to speak, we are able to meet the family and get a glimpse into the life of the next love affair.

An Experiment in Love by Louise Allen

Now, this one is one of my favorites I have reread this book at least five times, there is just something about experimenting in love that leaves you wanting more.

Romance Books I have Read and Loved
Copyright Wattpad Author Louise Allen

Believing she’s unlikely to ever have any man offer her marriage, unconventional Lady Chloe Albright impetuously seizes the chance of a pretend engagement with Lord Christopher Fellingham, Earl of Twyford. Having loved Kit for years, she’s learnt to carefully hide the pain of knowing that she is no more to him than his friend’s studious little sister. But should she now put her research skills to good use and try some experiments in love? At turns kissed, flirted and argued with, Kit doesn’t know whether he is more amused, annoyed or —dare he admit it?—aroused by Chloe’s unexpected attention. Suddenly he’s wishing that their pretend engagement could become the real thing!

An Experiment in Love by Louise Allen was a masterpiece, I come to this book when I want to feel the hiccups of love. The beauty that a bluestocking can have the man she loves or use her intellect to convince a man to love her in return through her experiments and theories.

The Fellingham Minx by Lynn Messina

Miss Evelyn Fellingham does not need to see the admiration in the Earl of Halsey’s eyes to know she is attractive—most men find her violet eyes and porcelain skin irresistible—but she wants to. Yet every attempt to impress him with her playful wit and lively banter ends in sullen silence, for she is too much in awe of the handsome lord to form a coherent sentence. No doubt he thinks she’s a beautiful ninnyhammer.

Indeed, that’s exactly what the earl thinks, and he dismisses her as yet another simpering society miss. Then an out-of-control hobby-horse in Hyde Park knocks her over in front of everyone, including Halsey. The mortified young lady, her cheek bruised and her dress stained, can barely bring herself to raise her eyes from the ground—which is a shame. For if she did, she might finally see the light of admiration begin to glow in the capricious lord’s eye.

Romance Books I have read and Loved
Copyright Owned by Author Lynn Messina

This book is a short story, a very amusing one. It was short and spicy, the pacing and character development was not affected by it. I loved every moment of it.

In the Clear by Tamara Morgan

Fletcher Owens is full of secrets.

Few people know he spends his nights volunteering for a Search and Rescue team, saving lives while risking his own. Even fewer know he’s in love with his best friend’s sister. And since he’s not willing to give up their friendship for a chance at something more, that’s exactly how things will stay.

Lexie Sinclair has nothing to hide.

The zany daughter, the wacky sister, the quirky fundraiser for a children’s charity – Lexie couldn’t hide her true self even if she wanted to. So when her brother’s best friend is revealed to be a local hero, she’s determined to stand up and prove she’s ready to be more than just friends.

In the Clear by Tamara Morgan

In the Clear by Tamara Morgan was the book that got me wanting more brother’s best friend romance. The way in which she showed Fletcher’s unrequited love had me hurting for him and wanting him to get the woman he pined for. This book was never short on chemistry.

The Rogue’s Seduction by Lauren Smith


Lord Vaughn, Viscount Darlington, has a dark reputation for sinful pleasures, putting off even the most ardent mamas who crave his title for their unmarried daughters They say he’s dangerous enough to ruin a woman with just one look…But he can’t resist the pleas of a woman who needs his help. This rogue might yet be redeemed.


All of London adores Perdita Darby. She receives invites to every party and has eligible gentlemen willing to wait for her, but she has no desire to marry. When she discovers a cruel man wishes to entrap her into a marriage that could spell her doom, she has nowhere left to turn. She makes a bargain with the devil of London, hoping to save herself. But the cost of their false engagement may put them both in danger…

The Rogue Seduction by Lauren Smith
Copyright Owned by Author Lauren Smith

This one has me hooked wanting more, I find myself going over it despite the tragedy. I love this book because to me it was beautifully written I fell in love with a man who was depicted badly in the first book of the series. I am happy to know that he got his second chance at love and a means to redeem himself. A gentleman is still a gentleman despite his history.

Scandalous Wager by Christy Carlyle

Victorian era historical romance featuring a wanton spinster and a Detective Inspector working in Whitechapel against the backdrop of the Ripper murders.

Scandalous Wager by Christy Carlyle
Copyright Owned by Christy Carlyle

When I say steamy I mean it, It had me begging for me wanting it to never end I read it over and over again to relive the moments I love the most. The chemistry between Detective Inspector Ian Reed and Elizabeth Ainsworth was steamy. Had me in ways I would not explain.

Now that you know some of the books I love I hope you love them as much as I do. All available on Wattpad.

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