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In this blog post, I will tell you what I have learned since blogging and how it has helped me to gain some success blogging.

I have read on countless platforms where persons are seeking to start a free blog. Now, I can go ahead like most and tell you to go to or go to and so on. I am not that kind of person I will not tell you to go ahead and make the mistakes I had in order to learn what I will tell you is this. Get a self-hosted site and domain, I can not stress the importance of this enough.

Now, I understand you may feel overwhelmed by all of this. To the point where even you are unsure whether or not you have what it takes. In terms of money and skills to accomplish this. Well, blogging is all about learning and passing on the knowledge of what you have learned. A glorified way to skip the lengthy research and just get pointers in the right direction.

All of people who blog about blogging will say:

Content is key.

However, I say having a solid foundation should come first. For is the value of the contents of a house if the house is not on solid ground?

What is the value of a blog if one cannot maximize its traffic to it’s full potential.

The three crucial things a good blog needs are: Hosting, Traffic, and Advertisement


In order to succeed at blogging, you will need excellent top notch hosting. Now, I know you have heard about Bluehost, gator host, etc.. All good they say but every reputable site knows Siteground it is the best option I will show you why.

Since I blogged for two months now, I like most people around me chose the freeway. At the time I was not sure I wanted to put myself out there. To have my face plastered all over as the author of a blog. Too prideful I guess. What had me stumped was that I did not learn not to use until after I have used

Let me say the biggest mistake. An expensive one at that. To get the features I now have access to at half the price because of self-hosting my site is crazy.

Now of course while learning my lesson in what not to do as a blogger; I found that Siteground the best website hosting site it is the one I currently use.


Initially, when I first started my mitigation process. It confused me. I did not know what to do or how to move from my old site to the next. Luckily for me, SiteGround support was there for the plan I had moved old to a new domain. They even allowed me to state the specifics of what I wanted. A very helpful agent from chat support walked me through the process from purchase to move. I was very pleased with that so far so good. What they left was for me to customize the theme I wanted, add the plugins I wanted, SSL Certificate.

How happy I was that $114 got me all this and not the $300/ year; It would have cost me on Be mindful I have a free-range to add, delete or customize whatever without being told to upgrade my hosting plan. I have access to my custom business email without having to pay an addition $50/year; With the ability to make as many as I want.

I do not regret this move. I have no regrets about investing in SiteGround web hosting. Not only is my new site faster, but it is also always up and running. I am more about protecting my documents. All the luxuries I did not have on

If you know for a fact blogging is for you go SiteGround. Still not sure you want to test the waters, I would still recommend SiteGround. 30- Day Money Back Guarantee

Page Speed is crucial

What I have learned from blogging?
Blog Speed

Personally, for me, I do not like to spend a length of time waiting for a page to load. This for me is a good enough reason to leave the site. You might say I am rather very impatient. I had not given it much thought as to how long it would take me to access my site. Until I put it to the test myself from an incognito window. Trust me it was not pretty. It took almost two minutes to load.

I could do at the time not much I did not have the funds to move my site. I just had to endure losing traffic because of page speed. Something I had no control over as I was sharing space with others. On a platform and domain which I had not paid for as yet. When I finally invested in making my site better. It remained the same as I was not able to access the plugins which could have helped me.

With some in-depth research, I learned what was not readily available. I cannot do much on without handing over $300 or more. Using or a free site might do some good to check your own. Google page Insights


Traffic in blogging is a necessity, whether it is organic, paid or solicited. When I blogged I used all three not only will you gain friendships and support from influencers. You will also have access to the knowledge they can pass on. They too may assist my introducing you to their followers hence more views.

Go to facebook type in your niche and see what groups are available to you.

Add Hashtags to your post everyone. Hashtags relevant to your niche to maximize traffic and engagement.


What I have learned since blogging? Do not stop advertising whether it is through self-promotion, dropping your links in groups after reading the rules of course. Or by participating in activities in groups. Do not stop advertising and putting the word out there. Do not a thing all traffic will come to you freely. Sometimes you have to pay to get noticed.

There are a lucky few who get their content shared by others with a larger following.

This comes back to great content. When you write content that is intriguing, relatable and informative people are more inclined to share. I would not encourage you to write what people are looking for. That will make blogging boring and a drag. Do what you want and what you are passionate about. I am still learning my niche. So far all I know is I love to express myself about everything I love or have experienced.

This is what I have learned since I started blogging two months ago.

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