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I have compiled a list of the murder mysteries I love to watch.

When I first came across this murder mystery series I was hung up over Agatha Chrisitie‘s Poirot with David Suchet, who did a beautiful depiction of the great detective Hercule Poirot. I wanted more, more murders, mysteries, and time spent figuring out who was the bad guy.

Murder Mysteries I Love to Watch: Hercule Poirot

So with tears in my eyes, I went on google and I typed in murder mysteries like Agatha Christie’s Poirot I was very pleased with what I found. Now, I have a collection of murders I can watch and re-watch. The first thing to catch my eye was Columbo.


I did not understand what I was getting myself into; I have never heard of Columbo before but I was ready to try anything, to fill the void I felt. No, you can not imagine my surprise when I see the murder happening, not only that I already knew who was responsible for the murders and why. Now forgive me when I said this, I was wondering what was the point of all this. If I already knew who the killer was, then what was the point of seeing it.

Gave this Columbo a chance, what could I possibly lose from watching one episode of this? I started with Murder by the Book; I watched the criminal to a tee commit the murder and I watch him try to cover up the crime. Then there comes along Lieutenant Columbo. At first, he seemed like a secondary character unsure of where he should be. That element added with him being easily persuaded by the lies the murder. He was not showing up beautifully in my favor at all. Until he said “One more thing” “This will be the last time I bother you I promise.” Now at this point, I thought he had given up. Until he finally unveils the mistakes, I have seen the murder make along the way because he got comfortable.

Now, I am on the wagon ready to see all that Columbo can do to see all the crimes he can solve with the use of psychology. Even now after watching all ten seasons of Columbo I still get excited when I see the reruns. Though I have seen him in action countless times before I can not help myself from wanting to see him do it again to see him solve the mysteries so well.

I am very happy to have found out about this murder mystery their is non quite like it.

Columbo season 1
My only regret is not being able to meet you in person. Copyright owned by Columbo TV Series

Agatha Christie’s Marple

Geraldine McEwan the beautiful and loved Miss Marple. She did an excellent performance of the amateur sleuth Miss Jane Marple from Agatha Christie’s Novels. She had an auctorial style in which she would get one to say more than they would intend to but one can not help to feel say around and an old lady. Safe enough to spill secrets. Now, these murders were more thought out and more developed. Leaving you on your toes in the wonder of what is coming, how was the murder done beyond that who among the many suspects did it?

In the first three seasons played beautifully by her I had no choice in the matter as my fell in love with her.

The role of Miss Marple later taken over by Julia McKenzie, she had her own style of getting the job down, though a part of me still wishes Geraldine McEwan played in all six seasons. I would love to see how she went about portraying Miss Marple in Endless Night.

I take comfort because when I want to see more of her superb performances; watch Agatha Christie’s Marple and Mapp and Lucia. I recommend them both, I love her performance in Mapp and Lucia.

Agatha Christie's Marple
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Shakespeare and Hathaway Investigates

This one is a very recent finding of my own, I saw it advertising on the television and gave it a go. It was worth the watch I tell you only two seasons so far, and I am ready to see what happens next.

A Hairdresser and an Ex CID investigating from robbery, missing person and dog to the thing I want to see Murder. After the sudden death of her husband, she joins forces with the PI Hathaway in exchange for paying off his debts a stake of his company and a job as an investigative partner to him. Set in the English Countryside there are many challenges and faces seen.

Shakespeare and Hathaway Investigates.
(C) BBC – Photographer: Gary Moyes

Father Brown Mysteries

Father Brown. I love this murder mysteries for the single fact like most successful murder series franchises the protagonist is single. Unable to find love themselves taking pleasure in solving murders. Who better to confuse your greatest sins to than a man bounded by religious practices to never repeat what you have told him in the confidence. In the confessional.

I love the diversity of this murder mystery I take on a rollercoaster ride every time, Leave me wondering what is next to come I find when I am binge watching murders this one comes at the top of my list. Murder in the picturesque English Countryside.

From suicides, conspiracy to aidding and abetting a criminals. I love every bit of it.

Father Brown Mysteries
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Death in Paradise

Now, this is the one you have to watch if you love the tropics and a good murder then this is for you.

Take comfort because it has an Agatha Christie twist to it the gathering of all suspects before they do the naming of the killer. This is a very refreshing take on murder mysteries. This series is so beautifully written and acted that I feel as if I have bonded with all the police force even the lizard Harry.

Even though there will be some sad departure in the series it still captures the spirit of the Caribbean lifestyle and murder. From the ever looming Chief Superintendent to the jovial fun-filled atmosphere of the Caribbean, be careful you might wish to go to St. Marie to be killed just to see them all in action.

Death in Paradise
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More Murder Mysteries I Love to watch and Recommend

  • Rosemary and Thyme
  • Granchester
  • Midsomer Murders
  • Vera
  • Silent Witness
  • Agatha Raisin
  • Doctor Blake Murder Mysteries
  • Miss Fisher’s Investigates

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