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Am I to congratulate you on applying for a job? Well good for you know that I am here rooting for you to succeed and move up in ranks. Applying for a job can be stressful as there are a lot of things you need to get done in order to attain the job you want. You need to first apply for the jobs you want with a good rewrite CV. After application acceptance, you have the hardest length of your journey to fulfill. For not only are you required to show proof of expertise you are also needed to dress the part of an already successful businessman or women?

You are in luck for I came across a small boutique which offer quality professional wear for that interview you are preparing for.

Decorous Woman Boutique

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I recently came across this lovely boutique they specialize in the women’s businesswear and chic office supplies niche.

Below are examples of the products proved.

They have several social proofs as products are reviewed by previous customers giving you an idea of what to expect for each purchase.

Now what to look for when choosing professional work wear.

The Many Donts of Professionalism

A big don’t of professional wear is to have armpits unshaven and exposed.

This is a big no in a lot of industries especially the food industry when hair is a big NO. Most if not all formal professions this is not allowed. I do not encourage it.

Tight, short or revealing

Now a lot of professional wear has a body fitting design which is in co-ordinance with the slim fit dynamic, your clothing can be close fitting but not skin tight or bodycon, or latex.

Low Necklines

Now I know these types of dresses with low necklines can be more appealing to the eyes and seem like a better option to falter your figure. Keep in mind if it is appealing or faltering it is a no. Cleavage showing a no.

Too Trendy or bright neon Colors

This is true for both makeup and clothing. You want to appear as neutral as possible. white, black, beige, gray and other dull colors are encouraged.


I know a lot of women who had to learn the hard the way that multiple piercings were no in professional work as well as the elaborate hoops and dangling earrings.

Too Casual

Keep in mind you are to meet the boss or rather the person who is to determine whether or not you will get the job so the first impression should be your very best. Take care to avoid Jeans, shorts, and khakis.

Heavy Fragrances.

I for one love sweet fragrances, however, I have to be mindful of what I do and how much I use it. For there are persons who are allergic, or otherwise sensitive to strong smells.

DO’s of Professionalism

Neat Hair and Out of Face

I find that catching your hair at you nape a suitable professional option a well as a simple bun is a great option.

Well tailored suit, jackets, slacks, skirt, pants or dresses

Keep in mind that all skirts should be at or below the knee in length. They should be conservative in color navy or black. Pantyhose should be without runs or tears. Bring an extra pair in case you need to change.


Your makeup should be minimal and conservative like the rest of your attire, no neon colors or extravagant designs or decorations. Your makeup should be neutral and natural colors.

Light briefcase or Profolio Case

What better way to show you are ready if you do not show up prepared?

Interviewing for a Job| Interview Dos and Donts


A closed toe polished heels basic pumps 1-2″ in height low to mid heel.

Thank you for reading and many blessings on your journey to financial stability.

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